The entire procurement process in your pocket: The E-Procurement App for the Mövenpick Group. Tangible benefits of the App:

  • Integrated shop and merchandise management system 

  • In use worldwide with around 8000 users

  • Seamless integration into an internal corporate IT landscape 

  • Individual branding for group members

As a member of the Mövenpick Group, FutureLog is a service provider for the procurement of goods. Primarily they work with the hospitality industry, and more specifically with restaurants and catering companies. Their core company values are represented by market proximity, continuity, long-term relationships, and superior quality. The FutureLog e-procurement application has been in use since 2001 and has rapidly become the number one shopping platform for the hotel and catering industry, providing efficient access to the food and non-food categories of goods with around 8000 users. However, in 2018 FutureLog decided to partner with 711media for collaborative work on their shopping platform adaptation and enhancement.


The particular aim for the project team was to completely redesign the procurement app for iPhone and iPad and to stabilize the previous Android version. The Android predecessor version of the app had been successfully in use for several years, but was no longer state-of-the-art or stable. In addition to a modern user interface, the main objective of the new development was to establish a long-term stable technical basis. They wanted to achieve some considerable improvements:

  • Establishment of a stable, future-proof technical basis

  • Modern and fresh design

  • Smart intuitive interface

  • Simple navigation and operation

  • Suitability for users of all technical levels

  • Extensive coverage of users’ everyday needs

  • Stabilization of the Android application

In addition, one of the specific tasks for 711media was to develop a new API, which could adequately handle the requests to the application without jeopardizing (putting at risk) the operation of the existing systems.

The collaborative team started to fulfill the project with intensive workshops and brainstorming. Together with FutureLog project managers, technical consultants, UX specialists and developers worked out the goals of the new app. The core requirements were: a new framework for the app, extended functionality of the app and a focus on the important functions in the mobile usage context. As a result, the teams created new applicable functions, which would significantly increase the efficiency and applicability of the App.

Upon mutual agreement of the core requirements, the 711media moved forward with the development of the clickable prototype of the App. In close cooperation with the FutureLog team, they leveraged the functional prototype to comprehensively and entirely test the brainstormed ideas and the new functionality of the App. Furthermore, they produced an extensive content and technical concept to accompany all functions of the App. Close cooperation and constant coordination with the client helped 711media reach complete transparency and mutual understanding during the development process.

711media decided to create a completely new design solution from scratch. They evaluated various approaches and solutions and selected the most appropriate one. The current solution featured:

  • Intuitive usability
  • Modern design principles 
  • Up-to-day look and feel
  • Clear call-to-actions
  • Logical processes
  • Friendly interface

The new design solution has been enthusiastically accepted by users during user tests and roadshows.

The app was developed with Google's Flutter Kit. One of the major challenges for the 711media team in this project was to accurately analyze and interpret the complex business processes of the FutureLog platform and translate them in the form of an intuitive and usable mobile application for the end-users. Active cooperation with the FutureLog team was immensely helpful during the implementation of the App’s extremely high complexity with connected external systems. The teams not only quickly and successfully implemented all-new advanced features but also utilized sophisticated technology and permanently optimized performance. For example, presently the search in the huge catalog responds quickly, newly developed Admin Panel allows application set up and adjustment (translations, design) for each customer individually (white label) without re-publishing in-app store.

The new shop and inventory management app was enthusiastically received by the end-users from the very first day and offers the following advanced features in addition to the standard functions:

  • Ready to be used worldwide, 9 languages currently available and additional languages could be added from dashboard
  • Offline mode
  • Rights and Roles System Inventory in real-time
  • Usable as a white label app with full visual customization from web dashboard (without re-publishing application)
  • Powerful search on- and offline
  • Efficient inventory module


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