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High information density, easy to grasp: a modern product website with product finder.    

  • User-Centered Design
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  • Hubspot Connected

Wolters Kluwer Software and Service GmbH is a part of the global Wolters Kluwer Group with an annual turnover of € 4.3 billion (2018). The company retains approximately 19,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 40 countries. Wolters Kluwer Software and Service GmbH is a leading provider of specialized software for tax consultants, auditors, medium-sized and craft companies in Germany. 711media has been partnering with Wolters Kluwer Software and Service GmbH since 2016.

711media team succeeded in the implementation of extensive features in the complex website. The newly designed and developed website is purposed for selling to different target groups, e.g. to ADDISON tax adviser. The core functionality of the website is a sophisticated product finder. This feature significantly reduces the initial research effort of the users and immediately displays the relevant information according to the predefined requirements. Among other tangible benefits of the new complex website are improved proximity, effective communication, and the ease of usage.

The chief purpose of this project was the complete redesign and relaunch of Wolters Kluwer’s ADDISON website. Key aspects for rethinking were the pleasant navigation, attractive look and feel, contemporary design, and improved usability. In addition, the new website should first of all highlight the following topics: finance, accounting, human resources and controlling, and office organization. Another practical aim was to considerably optimize the purchase decision process – the user’s way from a product finder to the online contract.

The active collaboration of the teams started from the initial workshop to precisely define the core requirements and goals. Foremost, they determined the target group approach as working for the project and highlighted the key function of the new website – product finder. Furthermore, the teams thoroughly evaluated the CI specifications to explore the degrees of freedom in the design development.

Close cooperation with the Client continued also during the concept phase. The teams started with the development of the content elements and the product finder and then proceeded to the implementation of the concept wireframes in the screen design. They created two completely different design concepts: the first one put an emphasis on storytelling elements with a specially designed advertising mascot, and the second one featured large, highly emotive images. The Client preferred the second concept as a working one for the project.

The major advantage of the newly designed website is an intuitive smart product finder. This principal feature allows users to indicate relevant software categories (productivity, innovation, collaboration, organization), and then receive a dynamic results page, which shows only the content that properly matches the selected categories.

711media team implemented the website in Typo3. What’s more, they assisted in the creation and maintenance of the website content upon completion of the project. The team extended the website’s functionality with the editor groups in the back end in order to quickly and easily assign the correct editing rights to the new employees. Hubspot and Optivo were connected as external systems.

711media utilizes Hubspot as an all-in-one platform for inbound marketing, sales, CRM and customer service. Wolters Kluwer also leverages the forms of Hubspot together with other tools to launch the following processes in the background when contacted: the data is employed to create a contact in Hubspot and to collect information on the behavior, social media profiles and company information of the website visitor. The information from the form can be also used to create a ticket and assign it to a clerk, who can then contact the customer directly using the enriched information.



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